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Frustrated toy designer and imagineer, admitted blueprint & deck plan junkie.

Current Residence: Midwestern Enclave
Favourite photographer: Margaret Bourke-White
Personal Quote: I carry the dust of a journey that cannot be shaken away.....
A few weeks ago I had an experience of which I'm still having difficulty processing.     As mentioned before, many of my sketches originate from within lucid dreams I have, many of such concern elements of The Monkey Boy Invasion.

     This particular incident is as yet to be defined as a waking dream, a hallucination or just more evidence of my possible suspected schizophrenia manifesting itself in said event.

I do know this, I was fully asleep and 'awakened' by a severe muscle spasm-contraction in my left calve, something which does happen on an irregular basis.     In this instance there was something new and again, as yet to be explained, it seems there was a sort of glow coming from within my calve, in particular it seems the bone itself was starting to flicker on much like a fluorescent lamp. 

My dark bedroom was now starting to develop shadows as the luminosity has now spread to the bone of my thigh, the bones in my hands also began to take on this 'x-ray' effect adding to the soft but cool light my body was releasing.  Now it was in my arms, my rib-cage and likely my skull.

     I sat up in the bed, resting back against my pillows trying to sort out this strange moment and feeling a low hum begin to fill my head, something like a radio tuned to nothingness, the growing static of white noise filling my ears.

     Physically I felt an odd sensation of 'displacement', much like that first moment when an elevator descends, the brief confusion in one's inner-ear as to loss of equilibrium and point of reference to local gravity.

     At this juncture is when the object began to take form in front of my eyes, estimating such to appear at arms-length and approximately the size of a soccer ball.  More accurately said sphere was more a solid geodesic or polyhedral as it had distinct flat 'sides' or facets.

     This object had the same glow as what my bones had acquired, it still was in a sort of soft-focus but I could make out that each facet bore a symbol or ideogram, what was most disturbing was I recognized the glyphs. It was the interface visual language used between the troops of the MB Invasion forces and their 'handlers' the Harpy Officers, the Tiki Icons.

     The sphere was doing this mad spin then freeze as it was 'displaying' different symbols to me in a series which seemed to repeat over and over, a definite orderly pattern of the icons in some 'broadcast' message.

          I honestly believe this effort and attempt at contact was made by The Artificers, more-so the message so delivered to be 'received' by the part of my brain that catches subliminal images and it to 'process' the data below my conscious levels of thought.

     I have no idea what the incident was but this I do know, the hum carried in my body for days to follow, each time I bring the event up in memory the hum returns.       Part of me is terrified, part of me is wanting to see such as 'proof' my glimpses into the MB Invasion being more than just dreams.  And still there's a part of me that now hungers to dig deeper into my research of this perceived incursion by things not to have belonged in 1963. 

  • Listening to: Procol Harem - Whiter Shade of Pale
  • Reading: Nightwatch by Sergei Lukyanenko
  • Watching: The skies for falling stars
  • Playing: with the notion of being less cryptic
  • Eating: take away Thai food
  • Drinking: iced tea with lime


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